You can join the Elk Grove Cycling Club in just a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Please take a few minutes to review our Safety Guidelines
Group riding requires a distinct set of skills. Regardless of how strong or confident you are on your bike when riding alone, riding in a group requires an awareness of others. We pride ourselves on prioritizing safety as our number one objective and ask that you review our guidelines before joining the EGCC.

Step 2 – Review and complete the Elk Grove Cycling Club Liability Waiver
We cannot allow anyone to join the club who has not acknowledged the liability waiver, completed and submitted the form. EGCC administration cannot add any new members to our Meetup group without a completed waiver from you. New members will not be allowed to join the Meetup group and will not receive notifications of upcoming group rides and other events without completing this step.

Step 3 – Visit the Elk Grove Cycling Club Meetup Page
All Elk Grove Cycling Club Events and Group Rides are posted to our Meetup group. You must first setup an account and join Meetup before you can make a request to join our Meetup group. Once you have setup an account on Meetup, visit our Meetup page and click the Join Us! button. Your request to join our Meetup group will be forwarded to our ride leaders. If you have already completed and submitted the Liability Waiver from Step 2, one of our leaders will approve your membership to our Meetup group and you will be all set.

Welcome to the Elk Grove Cycling Club.