2018 was an exciting year of growth for the Elk Grove Cycling Club. This past year we truly had something for everyone and embraced our mantra of Great Ride, Great Club, Great City.  

Below are some of the highlights of this past year…



We were very excited to complete the process and launch our riding apparel. A fitting party was held at the Hulsey’s residence where those who were interested came out and enjoyed a social meetup while Voler reps were on hand to answer any questions.


A larger than expected order was received for jerseys, bibs, gloves and other accessories. The positive reviews we received from the final product made it worth the long wait. Voler had advised that once the apparel was delivered, there would people who would see the finished product and contact me wanting to know how they could place an order. And they were right, we received so many requests that we opened up another successful second order date.


For those that missed out on the opportunity to order, keep a watch out on Meetup for a reorder in the Spring of 2019.


Ride Events

A BIG thank you to the EGCC ride leadership group. Because of your efforts, EGCC attended a total of 17 ride events throughout Northern California. Events that supported fundraising for a variety of groups. Listed below are the names of the rides and the leadership member that hosted the events on behalf of EGCC.  

Ride the Almond Blossom – Robert Ochoa

Pedaling Path to Independence – Robert Ochoa

Party Pardee – J.D. Watson

Bike Around the Buttes – Ken Jones

Sea Otter Classic Grand Fondo – Robert Ochoa

Wine Country Century – J.D. Watson

Great Scott Bike & Walk Event – Scott Hulsey

Ride for Mom – Robert Ochoa

Ride The Parkway – Marc Reitzell

Biking For Rett – Scott Hulsey

Le Tour De Fuzz – Robert Ochoa

V3 – Veteran’s Victory Velo – Robert Ochoa               

Cycling 4 Veterans – Robert Ochoa

Sacramento Century – Marc Reitzell

Foxy’s Fall – Ken Jones

L’E Tape California – Robert Ochoa

Giro D’Vino – Scott Hulsey


Club Rides

The Elk Grove Cycling Club posted a total of 129 club rides for 2018. From a beginners ride that totaled 10 miles to a Foxy’s Fall training ride that totaled 100 miles, we truly had a ride for everyone that was willing to clip in and join us.  

A true highlight of the year was the week of September 3rd and September 9th, when EGCC  posted a total of 9 club rides, which was a record setting weekly ride total.

We are a community based club and it takes community members to join in and lead these rides. I would like to thank the following ride leaders for their time and efforts in hosting all of these great rides in 2018.  

MacKenzie Wieser, Karl Okamoto, Derek Ramsey, Robert Ochoa, Ken Jones, March Reitzell, Ann Hulsey, Todd Barber, Mark Mendenhall, Debbie Howell, Tim Howell, Arnie Vierra, Ryan Polli and Kevin Huffman.        


Beginners Ride Group

This year we held our first beginners ride group. The purpose of this group was to teach basic group riding skills with a set goal of participating in the Foxy’s Fall Classic in Davis. Ann Hulsey, with assistance from Todd Barber, hosted weekly rides to strengthen and build confidence so new riders, as well as riders that had not ridden in a few years could sharpen their skills and meet their cycling goals.                  


Foxy’s Fall Training Rides

In 2018 we were very fortunate to have two training group rides for Foxy’s Fall. Karl Okamoto hosted training rides for the century and Ann Hulsey hosted training for the 30 mile ride. Both groups were very successful in helping their participants meet their ride goals.     


Not For Profit

In 2018 the Elk Grove Cycling Club became a 501c not for profit organization with the purpose of promoting cycling education, safety, and working with city leaders to make the Elk Grove streets safer for our community.  

Our future plans include creating a community cycling curriculum that will focus on kids that cycle to school, as well as educating drivers and cyclist on ways to sharing our streets. We also look forward to raising funds for local and national charities as well as building a college scholarships for local students who are involved in EGCC and show an interest in cycling.

The above goals require volunteers to help move forward. If any of these sound interesting to you please contact me for details.             


Maintenance Class

On Aug 11th The Elk Grove Cycling Club, in conjunction with The Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen held an 2-hour entry-level, hands-on maintenance class that taught 12 riders how to adjust their bike’s gear shifting system to improve shifting reliability and diagnose common problems like chain skipping. The fee for this class was used cycling parts that were donated to the SBK. We were also able for the first time to use our not for profit status to hold the class at a beautiful room at the Sun Grove Church here in Elk Grove.  It was a great day and we look forward to hosting future classes.  

Special Thanks!!!

Thanks to Kevin Huffman who’s Sunday Ride that was very popular with EGCC riders. Kevin’s dedication, team spirit and can do attitude in not only 2018, but since the clubs beginning kept the club ridership viable. There was a time that Kevin’s ride, was the only routine ride that the club had on the calendar. Kevin’s efforts, coaching, excitement and love for cycling, as well as just being an overall good guy, has always been, and will always be greatly appreciated! You Da’ Man Chipper!!!        

Finding a permanent logo to rebrand and launch the jerseys was a daunting process. We needed a logo that was both unique and well represented Elk Grove and cycling. Ryan Polli’s efforts and patience in helping develop a vision for the club logo was greatly appreciated and we can’t thank her enough for taking the time out her busy schedule to get us across the finish line!

There are many tasks that take place behind the scenes for EGCC.  I would like to thank Todd Barber for his continued support on the website, social media, rides and general overall facets of the club’s operations. His efforts are always greatly appreciated.                 

Final Thoughts

As we begin 2019 my hope is to continue to move forward and expand the benefits of cycling in our community.  

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who joined us on our many club rides and events that took place on 2018. The club rides and events have connected us all to an amazing group of cyclists in both  our great city and the surrounding communities. So to all of you who clipped in, showed up and joined our group, we extend a big heartfelt thank you! I hope that you have a great 2018 with EGCC and we look forward to seeing you in 2019.          

To those who did not get a chance to participate in a 2018 ride, we hope to see you in 2019.  If you have any questions on the club please feel free to contact me directly via Meetup. We are here to encourage you on your cycling journey.


Scott Hulsey